21st century chocolate science.
sourced by the ancient Aztecs.

The Chocologics

Our team of passionate chocolatiers have put their thinking caps on, combining 21st century chocolate science with natural sweeteners sourced by the ancient Aztecs to create great tasting chocolate ranges.

It’s not rocket science, it’s chocolate science

We’ve applied logical thinking to the time-honoured tradition of crafting great tasting, quality Belgian chocolate by replacing artificial sugar with naturally occurring sweetener and plant extract leaves of the South American plant species Stevia rebaudian.

Through the ages

Stevia has been around the block, first discovered by those enterprising Aztecs over 500 years ago, then a swiss botanist in 1899 and now by our 21st century Belgian chocolatiers, carefully crafting and tempering a rich shiny chocolate with that satisfying snap.

Constantly evolving authentic and innovative ways to create a deliciously smooth and satisfying chocolate from natural century-old ingredients, from cocoa bean and plant extract to finished bar. We don’t compromise on taste, we won’t compromise on quality.

No need for sugar, you’re sweet enough

How do we do it? We use stevia, a derivative of steviol glycoside, with no calories or carbohydrates, it’s a truly great way of sweetening chocolate.

By using stevia we’ve created a chocolate bar with up to 90% less sugar than the top five market leading chocolate bars, which means Chocologic can satisfy those sweet cravings, without compromising your sugar intake.